Will my taking part in the project be kept confidential?

While you may choose to have your name disassociated from your interview or submission, or choose to utilise a pseudonym, there can be no guarantees towards absolute anonymity in the oral history process. Information provided to an oral historian and the project is only anonymous if there is no way for anyone, at any time, to determine the participant’s identity from it; that is, there is no identifiable information. This is a very high standard of information security that oral historians are only rarely able to offer, and we do NOT offer here.

Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

Participation is voluntary.

You can decide not to submit your oral or written history at any time.

Oral histories and their associated transcripts will be retained for at least 75 years including contact details of the participants, if made available.

In the future, processed oral histories will be published on this website and an open access open source repository suitable for oral histories. Processing raw oral histories can take significant time and effort. As such, oral histories may not be available for some time.

It is important to note that any datasets collected by research institutions can be subject to other legal requirements such as requests from An Garda Siochana, or requests under the Freedom of Information act.