Apple Tablet

  1. Open the native ‘Voice Memos’ app on your tablet. If you do not already have the ‘Voice Memo’ app on your tablet you can download it here

2. If available, connect headphones with inbuilt microphone for best quality. 

3. Press big red circle to record, and speak.

As you talk you should see the sound waves register on the screen.

4. Press the pause button to stop recording.

If you want to record more, press “resume”. When you are done press “done”.

Then press the upload icon on the screen. 

5. Select ‘mail’, send to your own email address.

Open the mail on whatever device you will be uploading the audio from and save it to the hard drive.

6. Continue to fill out the rest of the Oral History response form.

Download the steps as a PDF:
How to record your oral history on an Apple tablet

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