Survey Questions

By answering the open-ended questions in the survey below and submitting your history, you are contributing to a project that will help document how the COVID-19 crisis affected the lives of people in Ireland, and will help to preserve the memories of this time for generations to come.

We are witnesses to unprecedented and remarkable times and our individual stories, thoughts, hopes and fears, as we navigate uncharted waters, will play a vital role in helping future generations piece together an understanding of our experiences. While the historians and researchers of the future will have access to a wealth of government and public sources, these provide just a glimpse into our current present, a present that is constantly changing in response to our changing experiences.

The open-ended questions in the survey below are prompts to help you complete your own written history. You can answer all of them or some of them.

You can start the survey now and complete it later, your answers are automatically saved in your browser.